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Getting Over It
  • Developer: Bennett Foddy
  • Genre: Platform, action
  • Version: v1.9.4
User Rating: Rating 4.35

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Release Date
October 6, 2017
Bennett Foddy
Bennett Foddy
Platform, action
Windows PC, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS


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Victoria Martinez

Getting Over It is a game about climbing a mountain with only a hammer for a weapon. You have to get to top of mountain, no matter cost. There are tons of obstacles that get in your way, whether it's physics of mountain or dangers of environment, but you have to keep going, you have to keep trying. Software is a remake of Foddy's previous game, Jumper. In Getting Over It game, player controls a man and must ascend a mountain while avoiding various obstacles. Along way, player will use a variety of tools to overcome obstacles, such as jumping and climbing. Objective of app is to move a large man up side of a mountain, who is stuck to a large, red, hot-air balloon. Man's mobility is limited, as he is able to only move around on balloon, can't stop, jump, or change his direction.


Graphics of soft are fairly simple, but they are effective. Simplicity of graphics makes it easy to focus on gameplay, which is what Getting Over It download is really about. Colors are warm, making soft seem more inviting. Graphics in game are good. Software is in a 3D environment, it is easy to see everything that is happening. Animations in app are smooth, there isn’t any lag. Only complaint I have is that there is an advertisement for Getting Over It for free game on bottom of screen.

Graphics of soft are simplistic. Player is represented by a ball, which can be moved in four directions. Obstacles are shown as blocks of various shapes. Color palette is mostly limited to brown, white, black. Graphics are simple but they're colorful, which is appealing. Program is designed to be played with a keyboard, mouse, so there are no graphics for controllers or gamepads. Graphics are not most important aspect of soft, but they're not bad.


Player controls a man with a hammer who is climbing a mountain. Person interacts with soft by climbing up and down along side of mountain, looking for a way to top. Once player starts app, they can choose to go to right or left of mountain. Mountain will be different every time player starts game. Person must maneuver man up mountain, using a hammer to swing from one surface to another or to climb up mountain. User can use hammer to break through walls, or to remove other obstacles. Gameplay of Getting Over It free download is simple. There are no instructions, only control is mouse.

Players can click and hold to raise hand, click and drag to move hand, release mouse button to drop hand. As app progresses, players are instructed to stack crates at top of mountain so that it is possible to climb up, then remove next crate. Users goal is to ascend mountain using a variety of tools, overcoming obstacles. Person can jump, climb, throw objects. Software download Getting Over It has an infinite number of levels. Gameplay is really unique and is quite difficult. It's a 2D puzzle game, so player is given a goal to accomplish, but person can't do anything about it. Person must help man move up side of mountain by rotating stage's camera, changing angle of sun to make terrain less steep. Program has an infinite number of levels, so it's pretty replayable.


Product Getting Over It download for free has multiplayer, but it's not easy to find somebody to play with. You need to send and accept a friend request, then wait for them to set up a game with you. If you're playing with somebody you know, then it's a lot easier.


Replayability of this play Getting Over It free is not very high. Once you get to top of mountain and you win, there's not much left to do. You could try to get to top of mountain faster, but that's about it. It is hard to get bored of soft because there are many different ways to complete puzzles, player can always try to collect all medals.


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    If you have a YouTube account, you can upload videos to a playlist and then post playlist URL to Twitter. If you do not have account YouTube, you can upload your video to a video sharing site like Vimeo and then post video's URL to Twitter.
  2. I'm falling through floor when I'm trying to do something.
    Make sure you're standing in front of blue circle and taunt.
  3. What is play Getting Over It Game?
    Is a climbing simulation game where player controls a character by moving mouse.


This game is really neat if you want to focus on gameplay and not graphics. It's not easy, but it's fulfilling when you finally get to top of mountain. It's not very replayable, but that doesn't matter because once you win, you'll feel like you succeeded. Product Getting Over It free download for PC is a one of best games I have ever played. Gameplay is smooth and easy to understand.

I felt a sense of accomplishment after I beat soft. It is a game that will keep you entertained for hours. I really enjoyed playing game, would recommend it to anyone that likes to play difficult games.


  • Unique gameplay
  • Great sense of progression
  • Great sense of accomplishment
  • Achievements
  • A lot of content


  • Distracting music
  • Difficult for all skill levels
  • Repetitive
  • Unintuitive controls

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